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Millions of Americans incorrectly think they have food allergies, study finds

You may have read the story recently that new research suggests Americans may be over-diagnosing themselves with food allergies. A study published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open estimates that nearly 19 percent of adults think they have food allergies, but less than 11 percent actually do.

Caduceus Chief Medical Officer Gregg Denicola MD adds, “I have felt this way for a long time and agree less than 10 percent of Americans have documented food allergies.  Most allergies are to fish and nuts.  They have become so popular that many people self-diagnose and claim one for any type with even minor reactions.  Most restaurants are perpetuating this and now are inquiring regularly with customers of any food allergies,  reinforcing that claim it is now almost expected.  Prior to assuming one has a food allergy, it is always best to be checked and diagnosed by an allergist.”

Allergist Sunil Saini MD sees patients at Caduceus Specialty in Yorba Linda.  Read his bio and/or reserve an appointment.

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