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Recently several publications have been reporting on the AAP’s recommendation regarding fruit juice consumption for children. We asked Caduceus medical director Gregg DeNicola MD to “weigh in” for parents of our pediatric patients at Caduceus 4 Kids.

“As medical director and Caduceus provider I have actually told my patients for many years to avoid fruit juices until after their first birthday due to the high sugar concentration.  Many infants love apple juice as a variant from sugar water, but I’ve always advised diluting it. There is little need for anything other than breast milk or formula simulating the mother’s milk in the first 12 months. Rice cereal is an easy start into solids and has little sugar.

Caduceus Medical Group supports the findings of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and feels it should have come sooner.”  If you have any other medical questions for your physician about this post please email us at

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