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Is eating a healthy breakfast really necessary?


Many of you may have seen the article recently in the New York Times discussing the association and validity between skipping breakfast and poor health.  You can read the article here.

Our medical director, Gregg DeNicola MD, share his insight on this subject,

“There is very little peer-reviewed literature on this topic. As the article states, most are sponsored by food companies which would have a bias.  It’s common sense that eating meals regularly throughout the day would be healthy. The way our metabolism works, we should not go from 7 PM until 12 noon without calories. However, humans are very adaptable and there is little evidence to say that IQ or life expectancy would be influenced by whether or not breakfast has been consumed.

We need a lot more research into this topic before any conclusions can be made. In the meantime, Caduceus encourages our patients to have some type of calorie intake first thing in the morning since that is when cortisol is excreted and the calories expended most effectively.”  If you have a medical question about this article, please email us at

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